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Lake Hodges 50K

I’ve been procrastinating about posting this one and it seems like it’s never going to happen the way I want with the detail I usually try to put in, so here’s a rough draft of the race: HR a bit high in the morning. Intestinal distress the previous night.  16 miles in, was ready to … Continue reading »

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Lake Merritt – 6 hr run

Pacific Coast Trail Runs puts on a lot of really good races that cover distances from 10K to 50K usually. They also have a couple of timed events, of which the Lake Merritt half-day is one. For this event, there is a six hour and a twelve hour event. Both involve running around Lake Merritt … Continue reading »

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Santa Monica Mountains (50K)

Well, the plan was to do 9 Trails again, but some genius college kids decided to have a bon-fire at the Tea Gardens in the Santa Barbara foothills and then not put it out properly. During an extremely dry season. So, a huge fire tore through large sections of the foothills, destroying homes in the … Continue reading »

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9 Trails – 35 mile endurance trail run

Pardon me if I write a small novella here, but this is the race I’ve been looking forward to (dreading maybe?) since April. 9 Trails is a 35 mile trail run through the foothills of Santa Barbara. It conveniently starts about 2 miles from my apartment, goes out 17.5 miles practically to Carpinteria and back. … Continue reading »

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