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Lake Hodges 50K

I’ve been procrastinating about posting this one and it seems like it’s never going to happen the way I want with the detail I usually try to put in, so here’s a rough draft of the race: HR a bit high in the morning. Intestinal distress the previous night.  16 miles in, was ready to … Continue reading »

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Lavaman Triathlon (Olympic)

Argh, I keep procrastinating on writing this one up. Here’s hoping a lousy write-up is better than none… There was a whole lotta training and fundraising that led up to this, and if you would like to read up on that, it can all be found at my TnT page. Assuming you are caught up, … Continue reading »

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Ventura Triathlon

In 2008, I did the Ventura Triathlon and it was a pretty decent race, with an ocean swim and a flat bike course, but it had a double out-and-back run on concrete. Not being a fan of the repetitive boringness of that kind of run course or of running on concrete, I didn’t go back. … Continue reading »

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Surf Monkey (1 mi swim/5 K run)

Generally needing a reason to get in the ocean to swim, I signed up for this one thinking it would be good training and maybe I could get a swim and/or run PR out of it. The title of this entry probably gives away why there’s a strikethrough in the “and” of that last statement. … Continue reading »

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Lake Merritt – 6 hr run

Pacific Coast Trail Runs puts on a lot of really good races that cover distances from 10K to 50K usually. They also have a couple of timed events, of which the Lake Merritt half-day is one. For this event, there is a six hour and a twelve hour event. Both involve running around Lake Merritt … Continue reading »

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Boston Marathon

Running the Boston Marathon is the pinnacle achievement for most runners. It is no different for me. I had been looking forward to this event since I qualified at Big Sur. For the most part, I set aside triathlon training to focus on running with the intent of giving it my best shot in Boston. … Continue reading »

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Pier to Peak – 1/2 Marathon (again)

Like last year, I used this race to kick-off 9 Trails training. Pier to Peak, starting from the Santa Barbara pier and going up to La Cumbre peak, has almost four thousand feet of elevation gain over the distance of a half marathon. Half marathon you say? Isn’t that 13.1 miles? Yes, yes it is. … Continue reading »

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Randys Run (5K)

Randy’s Run is a race run in Lake George, NY as a memorial fund raiser for a family friend, Randy Madison. (I apologize for the missing apostrophe in the entry title, but the html file names are generated from entry titles and apostrophes don’t play well with file names.) The whole family got together for … Continue reading »

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Big Sur Marathon

Allow me to regale you with the tale of training and determination that preceded this marathon. If you’re not interested then don’t allow me to, instead skip down a paragraph or two. I learned some lessons from San Francisco and decided to be a bit more disciplined this time around. This meant doing the full … Continue reading »

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Resolution Day Run – 10K

This one seemed like it would just be fun to do. It’s not often you get to race in the middle of the week. Plus, having recently been shafted on the 10K results for the Turkey Trot (they lost my number so I’m not listed in the results), I thought this might be a good … Continue reading »

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