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SD50 Trail Marathon

I’ve been slow to post this one because there are no pictures from the event. Frowny face! Also, I’m not that pumped about the race.   It was fine and all and I did probably slightly better than I thought I would, but this was the race that was supposed to be a 50 miler … Continue reading »

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NYC Marathon

I started the process of getting into the NYC marathon four years ago. Starting in 2010, I entered the lottery for race entry and was denied every year for three years. However, there was a rule that if you have 3 consecutive lottery losses, then you have guaranteed entry the fourth year. And though this … Continue reading »

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DDR Dirty Invitational Marathon

After a brutal 2011, I decided to keep the number of events for this year to a minimum. I  Started the year thinking that I’d do a short triathlon or two, but mainly get back to trail running, with the idea of doing the Noble Canyon 50K again. This led to a couple of half … Continue reading »

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Big Sur Marathon (again)

When my wife completed her first marathon in early 2009 she said she never wanted to do that again. Having known that feeling, I told her she’d change her mind in about two weeks. It only took a few days before she was talking about doing another one but it took almost two years to … Continue reading »

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Boston Marathon 2011

This was the second event of 10 I am doing to fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of my friend Adam D. Milne. The last few weeks of training which included some 20+ mile runs did not go well. I started exhibiting the classic overtraining symptoms: difficulty keeping pace during workouts, high … Continue reading »

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Santa Barbara International Marathon

From the SBAA website: “Once upon a time, Santa Barbara had a marathon. In fact, in the 60s, the Santa Barbara marathon was one of five regularly scheduled marathons in the US. … Eventually the full marathon was dropped. … Every now and then since that time people have put on marathons in SB, but … Continue reading »

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Boston Marathon

Running the Boston Marathon is the pinnacle achievement for most runners. It is no different for me. I had been looking forward to this event since I qualified at Big Sur. For the most part, I set aside triathlon training to focus on running with the intent of giving it my best shot in Boston. … Continue reading »

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Big Sur Marathon

Allow me to regale you with the tale of training and determination that preceded this marathon. If you’re not interested then don’t allow me to, instead skip down a paragraph or two. I learned some lessons from San Francisco and decided to be a bit more disciplined this time around. This meant doing the full … Continue reading »

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San Francisco Marathon

Not too long ago, I didn’t think I’d ever run a marathon. It just seemed too far. I don’t know why exactly I changed my mind, but I did and I found one conveniently happening on my birthday. So after a few months of training, I was ready to go. Sort of. I think maybe … Continue reading »

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