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Raptor Ridge 1/2 marathon (again)

I would say I was just recovering from the Stairway to Heaven when this race rolled around, so I tried to be reasonable about goals. Then it was raining on race day. So, I was pretty happy that I was able to negative split the course and come in just under two hours.  There’s not … Continue reading »

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Stairway to Heaven 1/2 Marathon

Still high from my win at the Solana Beach duathlon, I was fairly optimistic about this daunting half marathon. There are a lot of very steep hills on this course and the course record is 1:49 and change.  If you know anything about half marathons, then you know that is not a particularly fast time, … Continue reading »

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Wild Horse half marathon

No excuses this time! I felt (and was) prepared for this race and it went very well! The weather stayed relatively cool and it was overcast the entire time I was running, so that was an added benefit. In typical fashion, I did start out too fast, but was able to dial it back a … Continue reading »

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Foxy half marathon (again)

Apparently this site is running the risk of turning  into the excuse-blog, but here goes anyway. Food poisoning a week before the race really set me back.  I had done a long run that previous Sunday, then ate something bad for brunch and was laid up in bed most of the week.  It wasn’t until the … Continue reading »

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Raptor Ridge 1/2 marathon

After the NYC Marathon, I took quite a bit of time off to recover and then ease back into running. With the birth of my son in March, competition has definitely taken a back seat (and I’m fine with that). But, I still have the SD50 on my radar and am entered into the race … Continue reading »

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Cougar Run Half Marathon

Oh man, this one just started off bad. But even a bad trail race is still pretty good. For starters, I forgot my race bib at home. I was about 15 minutes into the 30 minute drive (and planning on getting there plenty early) when I saw a mini-cooper drive by with the windows all … Continue reading »

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Foxy Run Half Marathon

Last year burned me out on road-running, so this year, I thought I’d get back on the trails. I’ve been focusing mainly on distance, going up to 18 miles (mainly on trail) before this event, so I figured a half marathon should be more than doable as long as I didn’t go out too hard … Continue reading »

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City to the Sea 1/2 Marathon (again)

This was event 8 of 10 to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of my friend Adam Milne. In 2007, I ran this same half and have been wanting to repeat it ever since because it is a fast, fun course (and is my half marathon PR). Originally thought I could … Continue reading »

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San Dieguito Half Marathon

March 23rd of this year will mark ten years since my Friend Adam D. Milne lost his battle with Leukemia. To honor his memory, I am trying to raise $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team In Training. Officially, the Vineman Half Ironman is the fundraising event, but I want to do something … Continue reading »

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Heartbreak Ridge 1/2 Marathon

The Heartbreak Ridge 1/2 Marathon is part of a series of races held on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. I had heard it was a hilly course, but having run Pier to Peak twice, I figured it couldn’t be too bad. I really was not sure what to expect of this course though and … Continue reading »

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