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Rock the Bay sprint triathlon

Posted by on September 28, 2017

142638-143-003fDid my annual multisport event to maintain triathlete status. Up to this point, I had not swam since the last triathlon, biked a total of about 20 miles in the last 6 months, and have only done treadmill running as part of Orange Theory workouts a few times per week since January. This was to be a test of how well general fitness would carry me through a short race.

The swim went very well and I was able to stay in the group the whole time without getting kicked too much (except near the buoys). There wasn’t any meandering and I was able to stay right on target despite having to sign yellow buoys with a group of yellow swim caps in front of me. The swim split was significantly faster than I thought I ever could done without any real swim training and the measured distance consistent with race distance (500m).

First transition didn’t feel very fast but was pretty quick after all. Also, it seems appropriate to note here that the transition area was grass, which is very nice.

The bike leg felt very good too. The road was a little rough in spots and I had neglected to check all my fittings pre-race, which turns out would have been a good idea. About 9 miles in, the night right elbow rest started sagging, but I don’t think it affected my performance much. It was just a bit awkward for the last few miles. In all, I was only passed by a five people on the bike, but unfortunately two of them were in my age group.  Reviewing the times later, I thought my bike split was faster than it actually was but that might be because of the long trotting sections between the mount/unmount lines and transition.

Transition two was no big deal, though I did walk out just for a little bit of rest because my quads and hamstrings were quite thrashed from aggressively biking without any practice. I did note that there were not many bikes in the bike rack for my wave (M35-44) – maybe 10 – so I figured I was doing pretty good so far.

The run I was definitely not prepared for. I had forgotten importance of bike to run transition practice. So while I was physically fit, I was having a lot of trouble actually running. It felt really slow but was not as slow as I thought it was going to be. The courses was also long (about 3.5 miles instead of 3.1). I was able to pick it up at the end; probably not an all out sprint but it was a pretty good effort and made for a half way decent finishing picture. No one passed me in the run leg at all and I passed a bunch people with at least two of them in my age group (couldn’t always tell).

Place: 45/369 overall, 37/199 Men, 5/29 men 40-45
Total: 1:19:33, swim 11:43, T1 2:10, bike 38:39, T2 1:28, run 25:32


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