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Spring Sprint Triathlon

Posted by on May 1, 2016

137289-255-006fDecided to try to do at least one race per year, preferable a triathlon, most preferably a short one. Two weeks prior to race race day, a stomach bug hit, which was followed up with a head and chest cold (that was not quite over for the event) for the week before, requiring amoxicillin and therefore resulting in another round of the squirts. Couple that with an intense training schedule that included a whopping two 8-10 minute swims in early March  as the only swimming in 3 years, biking my son to preschool as the primary mode of bike training, and barely running due to back and hip issues. Suffice it to say I was expecting about 1:15-ish finish at best.

For the deep water start, I started at the very back and passed 16 folks in my AG. The bike course had three 180° turns and one 120° turn per lap, times two laps. Also, the course was linger than advertised, (supposed to be 10 miles, was over 11). I net passed many in my AG on the ride. The run felt slow but was much faster than I though and I negative split it.  A couple guys in my AG passed me up at the end and I tried to keep up, but didn’t have it in me. Still, I net passed another probably 6 more and ended up 18th in AG overall (out of 51)which isn’t too shabby.  Gave it like 90% of what I had, which was probably 80% of well, trained. And I placed low enough where I don’t care. Maybe I could have done 5 minutes faster if I had been well and better trained, but even then,  would have only been 11th. All things considered, I’m very happy with a sub 1:14 finish.

Place: 156/720 overall, 127/435 Men, 18/51 men 40-45
Total: 1:13:54, swim 11:52, T1 1:45, bike 35:15, T2 1:49, run 23:11

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