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Lake Hodges 50K

Posted by on October 26, 2014

20241b55-b770-4782-881e-428291a6bbedI’ve been procrastinating about posting this one and it seems like it’s never going to happen the way I want with the detail I usually try to put in, so here’s a rough draft of the race:

HR a bit high in the morning. Intestinal distress the previous night.  16 miles in, was ready to be done. Only walked about 90 seconds of first 30 miles. Had to walk the very top of Raptor ridge on the return because HR was way too high and getting dizzy. PB&J is great at 13 miles. Nauseating at 24. Nutrition was poor the last 6 miles because I felt barfy.  Had to walk a few times during the last 1.4 miles because of this, especially the hills.  Managed a pretty decent pace for the last quarter mile, finishing at a sub 8 min/mile pace. Overall, finish time was faster than I had anticipated, and knocked 30 minutes off my previous best 50 K.  But I realized i do not want to do the 50 miler in January, so I dropped to the marathon distance for that.  I just don’t want to be out running all day on a weekend and miss out on that time with my family.  And feel miserable for about 6 hours of that to boot.  I guess 40 miles will have to be my farthest run.

Time: 5:06:18 Pace: 9:45
Place: 37/193 Overall, 31/130 Men, 11/42 M30-39
Age Graded: N/A (trail)

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